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What are Tonsils?

Tonsils are immunocompetent clump of tissues which act as first line of the defense mechanism against ingested and inhaled foreign microorganisms.

Tonsils include the adenoids, tubal tonsils, palatine tonsils and lingual tonsils. The adenoids and the tubal tonsils are those which are located in the roof of the pharynx. The palatine tonsils, on the other hand are situated on the sides of oropharynx between palatoglossal and palatopharyngeal arches. At the back of the terminal sulcus, the lingual tonsils are positioned.

The most common problems occurring with these glandular tissues are chronic infections and enlargement. Tonsillitis is a medical condition where in the tonsils are inflamed. This can be managed by administering anti-inflammatory drugs or if caused by streptococcus or any other bacteria, prescribed antibiotics must be given.

Tonsils achieve their largest size during near pubertal stage but then progressively undergo atrophy subsequently. When there is hyperplasia of the tonsils or when it becomes inflamed, tonsils can be taken away via tonsillectomy. The procedure is indicated when the patient has significant airway obstruction especially during sleep or when swallowing ability is interrupted. Other well-established and valid reasons for its removal include chronic and recurrent tonsillitis and pharyngitis, chronic cryptic tonsillitis, abscess formation and unusual enlargement and appearance.

Pictures of Tonsils

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tonsils pictures

tonsils pictures

tonsils pictures

tonsils pictures


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