Tonsil Cancer Pictures

What is Tonsil Cancer?

Tonsilar cancer may take place in one of the three types of tonsils of the throat, namely the lingual tonsils, adenoids and most frequently in the palatine tonsils. This type of cancer extends via local extension.

The primary culprit of tonsil cancer is smoking. Second causative agent is too much alcohol consumption. When the tonsils are repeatedly exposed to these irritants, the resultant tissue irritation can become chronic and tissue damage begin to become cyclic which leads to the progression of cancer in later years. The best approach to avoid tonsilar cancer is to quit cigarette smoking and alcohol intake.

Initially, it begins as a sore situated at the back of the throat which does not heal. Because of pain, eating, swallowing and talking would be a problem. Altered sense of taste, lymph node enlargement and unexplained weight loss also occur. Common symptoms that can be experienced by an individual with this kind of cancer are bad breath, bleeding, changes in tonsil size, ear pain, sore throat and throat pain.

The treatment for tonsil cancer can be started early on with seeking regular dental check-up and dental care. Treatment is aimed at permanently curing the cancer and to bring an absolute remission of the cancer. Universal methods to treat the cancer include chemotherapy, surgery, radiation therapy and targeted therapy. Symptomatic management of the disease consist of anti-nausea medications, blood cell growth factor, blood transfusions, dietary counseling, pain medications, physical and speech therapy and reconstructive surgery.

Pictures of Tonsil Cancer

Photos, Images and Pictures of Tonsil Cancer…

tonsil cancer pictures

tonsil cancer pictures

tonsil cancer pictures


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