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Throat Cancer Pictures

What is Throat Cancer?

Throat cancer is a medical condition characterized by a cancerous tumor which develops in the pharynx, larynx, and tonsils. There are about six types of throat cancer. They are classified according to the tumor location and the extent of involvement, namely, nasopharyngeal cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, hypopharyngeal cancer, glottis cancer, supraglottic cancer and subglottic cancer. Majority of these cancer cases are squamous cell carcinomas.

When the healthy cells in the throat undergo some genetic mutations, throat cancer arises. It is still unclear as to what triggers the cell mutation causing the cells to grow and multiply rapidly. Influencing risk factors for throat cancer include long-term cigarette smoking, heavy alcohol consumption, diet low in fruits and vegetables, and human papillomavirus infection.

The clinical manifestations of throat cancer include a persistent sore throat, cough, pain and swallowing problems, unexplained weight loss, ear pain, lesion situated in the back of the mouth, throat and neck, hoarseness, breathing difficulty and bleeding from the throat.

Endoscopy is used to diagnose throat cancer. It is a diagnostic procedure which can determine the extent of the tumor. The treatment varies from patient to patient; treatment options will be dependent on multiple factors such as the location, stage of cancer, type of affected cells, and the doctor’s clinical judgment. If the cancer of the throat is still at the early stages, the only treatment which is necessary is radiotherapy. If cancer is more advanced, radiotherapy will be used in conjunction with chemotherapeutic drugs and surgery.

Pictures of Throat Cancer

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Throat Cancer Pictures
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