Sweat Rash Pictures

What is a Sweat rash?

A sweat rash is a fungal infection on the skin that results from the presence of trapped moisture in the sweat ducts. The skin condition is more prevalent during hot climates such as in the summer season, and is more common in tropical countries that experience extreme heat and humidity. Toddlers and young children are more susceptible to the condition because of their underdeveloped sweat glands. A sweat rash is not a serious type of condition and is self-limiting in nature.


Common symptoms of sweat rash are the following:

  • Presence of red spots on the skin
  • Spots may be inflamed
  • Rashes may feel itchy and cause a prickling sensation
  • Can occur anywhere on the body but are most likely to develop on skin folds such as in the area of the groin and the armpits


The sweat rash develops due to the reaction that occurs between candida – a naturally-occurring type of yeast on the skin – and the sweat the body produces. This combination leads to the clogging up of the pores and sweat ducts, barring the perspiration continually produced by the sweat glands from reaching the surface of the skin. The sweat becomes trapped beneath layers of the skin causing irritation and rashes.

Sweat rashes are more common in children and infants because their sweat glands are still immature and thus rupture if too much perspiration is collected within them.


Most cases of sweat rashes simply disappear on their own, but resolution can be aided through a number of ways. The patient should cool and dry the skin through avoiding too much exposure to heat and sunlight and by applying cool compresses over affected areas. Topical applications of calamine lotion as well as anti-fungal creams that contain hydrocortisone will treat the inflammation and itchiness.

Pictures of Sweat Rash

Images, Photos and Pictures of Sweat Rash…

sweat rash pictures

sweat rash pictures

sweat rash pictures

sweat rash pictures



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