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What is Steven Johnson’s Syndrome?

Stevens–Johnson syndrome is an atypical life-threatening immune-complex-mediated hypersensitivity disorder wherein cell necrosis causes the epidermis to detach from dermis. Significantly affected areas which may progress to tissue necrosis include the skin, mouth, nose, eyes, reproductive organs, urethra, gastrointestinal and respiratory tracts. SJS is considered to be a minor form of toxic epidermal necrolysis with less than 10% of the body surface area detachment.

In about half of the reported cases of SJS, the primary etiology is not yet identified. Some possible causes may include medications such as cocaine, antidepressant mirtazapine and tumor necrosis factor-alpha antagonist, viral infections and malignancies.

Stevens-Johnson syndrome causes facial swelling, tongue enlargement, hives, skin pain and red to purple skin rash that spreads within hours. Skin blisters appear on the skin and in the mucous membrane that may become bullous and later rupture, causing a denuded skin. Extensive sloughing of skin will result. There is also sheet-like desquamation on the feet.

This condition is a dermatological crisis. The most important initial step is to discontinue all medications especially those that initiate Stevens-Johnson syndrome. For the treatment, methods are done similarly with patients with thermal burns. Sustained care is focused as being supportive such as administration of fluids, and parenteral feeding, maintenance of a warm environment and symptomatic such as the use analgesics and wound care. He ophthalmologist should also be collaborated in the care as scar tissue formation occurs inside the eyelids leading to visual problems.

Pictures of Steven Johnson’s Syndrome

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steven johnsons syndrome

steven johnsons syndrome

steven johnsons syndrome

steven johnsons syndrome


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