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What is a Stem Cell?

Found in all multicellular organisms, a stem cell is an unspecialized biological cell that may divide by way of mitosis and develop into several different kinds of specialized cells. Other types of cells have the ability to reproduce their own copies of themselves, but only the stem cells can create copies of other cells. In short, the stem cell is the source of all body tissues. The two major sources of stem cells are the embryonic and the adult stem cells.

Classically, a stem cell should be able to self-renew and must be potent. It should have the capability to get through several series of cell division at the same time, retaining its undifferentiated characteristic. Furthermore, to be potent, it should have the ability to differentiate into specialized cell.

These cells can be classified into five classes depending on their potential to develop into other cell types; namely, totipotent, pluripotent, multipotent, oligopotent and unipotent.

Researchers are very much interested as to what possibilities this stem cell can offer. Because of the unique properties of stem cells, they are powerful enough to restore damaged tissues. In the field of research, the most significant possible application of a stem cell is organ and tissue regeneration. Other possibilities may include cell deficiency therapy, blood diseases treatment, and brain disease treatment where replacement cells will be used to treat degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Pictures of Stem Cells

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