Sprained Ankle Pictures

What is a Sprained ankle?

It is a frequent injury. Often, the only thing it takes to sprain the ankle is to twist, turn or roll the ankle in a strange way. This fairly unnatural or unusual move can often tear or stretch ligaments which hold the ankle together.

What are ligaments?

They are elastic bands which are tough and made of fibrous tissue and connect one bone to another. These ligaments aid in stabilizing the joints, stopping extreme movement. An ankle sprain occurs when these ligaments are forced unnaturally beyond the usual motion range.

What is the treatment for an ankle that is sprained? First it depends on how severe is the injury. Even if self-care and OTC pain drugs seem to be all you need, an evaluation from your primary care physician could be necessary in order to see just how badly the ankle sprain is as well as putting you on the correct path to heal.

Symptoms and signs of an Ankle sprain

  • Pain when applying weight on it
  • Bruising and often swelling
  • Range of motion is restricted

Some individuals might even hear or even feel a “pop” when the injury occurs.

You should call your physician if you have swelling or pain in the ankle and you feel that you have a sprain. Even though self-care measures can be all you need, you should still talk to your physician to decide whether you need to have a full ankle evaluation. If the symptoms and signs are severe, it could also be possible that you might have a bone which is broken in the ankle or lower part of the leg.

Situations which could cause a sprained ankle are:

  • Fall where the ankle gets twisted
  • Landing in a strange way on the foot after pivoting or jumping
  • Exercising or walking on an surface which is uneven

Pictures of Sprained Ankle

Photos, Images and Pictures of Sprained Ankle…

sprained ankle pictures

sprained ankle pictures

sprained ankle pictures

sprained ankle pictures

sprained ankle pictures


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