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Skin Tags Pictures

What are Skin Tags?

Cutaneous tags of skin are very small, normally harmless or benign growths of skin.

These cutaneous tags are frequent. They normally occur after the middle of life and are normally harmless as well as non-cancerous or benign. These tags attach out of the skin and can have a narrow, short, stalk linking it to the skin surface.

Cutaneous tags normally do not change or grow and are painless. But, they can be aggravated from rubbing by materials or other clothing. Cutaneous tags are most frequent in people who have diabetes or are overweight. It is believed that skin tags occur from skin to skin friction, so they are common in folds of skin.

There is only one symptom of skin tags and that is they grow on the surface of the skin. The tag or growth is normally small, but some can be up to ½ inch in length.

Other signs include:

  • Situated on the armpits, trunk, body folds, other areas or neck
  • Can have a stalk which is narrow
  • Normally skin-colored but occasionally darker

Treatment is normally not required unless the skin tags are very irritating or have a displeasing cosmetic effect. The growths can be removed by freezing, electrical burn or cautery, as well as surgery.

Skin tags are normally benign as well as normally not troublesome. They can become aggravated or displeasing cosmetically. There is normally no scar formation as well as regrowth after being removed, but new growths can appear somewhere else on a body.

Complications of skin tags are usually nonexistent. Sometimes, discomfort and irritation can occur. If cut, they often bleed excessively.

You need to call your primary care physician if you develop skin tags and you wish to have them detached or the look of any tag changes.

Pictures of Skin Tags

Images, Photos and Pictures of Skin tags…

skin tags pictures

skin tags pictures

skin tags pictures

skin tags pictures

skin tags pictures

skin tags pictures

skin tags pictures

Skin Tags Pictures
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