Scoliosis Pictures

What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a medical disorder characterized by sideways, rotational curvature of the spine.

The cause of scoliosis in about 80% of the cases is still unidentified, but is assumed to have some genetic participation. The remaining 20% can be categorized under functional or structural group, the former being a temporary condition while the later is attributed to abnormalities, inherited vertebral defects, spinal injury and neuromuscular diseases.

Signs of scoliosis can include a visible C or S-shaped in the spine, a conspicuous hump of the upper back with discernible flatness on the lower back , prominent shoulder blade due to the rotation of the ribcage, uneven hips and unequal leg lengths. In some severe cases, scoliosis can result to weakening lung capacity which puts pressure on the heart and limits physical activities.

There is no known way to prevent scoliosis but the progression can be arrested with proper treatment methods after the establishment of the diagnosis. If the rotational curvature is mild and is associated with muscular weakness, the doctor usually prescribes correct exercise. In children and in adolescents, the use of braces is effective. The usual surgical procedure is correction, stabilization and fusion of the curve. If deformity becomes progressive and the rotational curvature becomes greater than 45 degrees, surgical spine straightening is necessary which can be addressed by bone grafting with metal rods.

Pictures of Scoliosis

Photos, Images and Pictures of Scoliosis…

scoliosis pictures

scoliosis pictures

scoliosis pictures


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