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What is PUPPS Rash?

The PUPPS rash is a dermatologic condition that develops in women during pregnancy. PUPPS is an acronym that stands for Pruritic Urticarial Papules and Plaques indicating the rashes that appear upon the onset of the skin condition. It is the most common type of pregnancy-related rashes and although unattractive and bothersome, does not pose any danger to both the mother and the unborn child. The illness usually occurs in the third trimester of first-time pregnancies and lasts for about six weeks before resolving on its own in 1 to 2 weeks time following the delivery of the baby.


PUPPS symptoms are the following:

  • Rashes are primarily small and raised bumps that are itchy
  • Bumps become reddened over time and may contain fluid
  • Rashes first appear in the abdominal region – but do not occur in the navel, and then spread towards the legs, chest, and breasts
  • Rashes commonly develop over stretch marks


The cause of the PUPPP rashes is unknown. But findings have suggested that the reaction may be brought about by the skin distension that occurs in pregnancy, which will also explain why this skin condition is usually only experienced by first-time mothers (primigravida) and mothers who are having multiple pregnancies such as by having twins or triplets. The stretching of the skin during pregnancy can damage connective tissues in the skin and thus activate an inflammatory response.


The mother can receive topical medications to relieve the symptoms. Moisturizing creams and emollient ointments are used for the rashes. In severe cases, doctors prescribe the use of topical as well as oral corticosteroids, but the possible effects of oral, potent corticosteroids may pose an unknown danger to the pregnancy.

Antihistamines are also given to provide relief for itchiness but are not as effective as corticosteroids.

Pictures of Pupps Rash

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pupps rash pictures

pupps rash pictures

pupps rash pictures

pupps rash pictures

pupps rash pictures

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