Prickly Heat Rash Pictures

What is Prickly Heat Rash?

Prickly heat rash is disorder on the skin caused by the obstruction of sweat glands. The condition is marked by the presence of small red rashes or blisters on the skin. Prickly heat, or miliaria rubra as it is called medically, is more common during hot seasons when people produce excessive sweat due to increased weather temperatures. It earned its name because of the characteristic itching or “prickly” sensation felt due to the rashes.

Prickly Heat Rash Symptoms

The following are the distinct characteristics of a prickly heat rash:

  • Presence of small and fluid-filled blisters on the patient’s skin
  • Rashes are reddened and itchy
  • Rashes tend to appear when the person is exposed to sunlight or is experiencing and hot and humid climates
  • Rashes appear in areas which experience the most perspiration
  • Rashes appear on body parts which are usually covered undereneath clothing

Prickly Heat Rash Causes

During hot and humid weather, the body produces an excessive amount of sweat. Because of this, bacteria and dead skin cells that once lay dormant on the surface of the skin can be swept into the open pores of the skin and clog up the sweat glands. Once sweat glands are blocked, the continually produce perspiration is unable to escape towards the surface and instead remains trapped beneath the skin. This irritates the surrounding tissue and thus produces the inflammation and irritation made evident by the presence of the rashes.

Prickly Heat Rash Treatment

The rashes are self-limiting and eventually go away, but applying cool compresses onto affected areas helps. The patient should also remain and in cooler environments to allow the rashes to disappear. Tight and constrictive clothing should be avoided, especially while doing strenuous physical activity. Calamine lotion or cooling creams may also be applied onto affected areas to soothe itching and inflammation.

Pictures of Prickly Heat Rash

Photos, Images and Pictures of Prickly Heat Rash…

prickly heat rash pictures

prickly heat rash pictures

prickly heat rash pictures

prickly heat rash pictures


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