Oral Herpes Pictures

Herpes of the oral form is infection by “herpes simplex virus” and is an infection which causes sores on the gums, lips, roof of the mouth, inside of cheeks, as well as tongue. These sores are painful and the individual can develop symptoms and signs such as muscle aches or fever.

This “herpes simplex virus” normally affects just humans. Sores in the mouth commonly happen in children who are between 1 to 2 years of age but they also affect individuals of any age as well as at any time during the year.

Herpes is spread by contacting infected skin, saliva as well as mucous membranes. Since this virus is very contagious, many people have become infected by one herpes sub-type prior to adulthood.

Once herpes infects an individual, it has an capacity to advance to three phases.

Prime Infection

This virus enters the mucous membrane or skin and reproduces. This is the stage where sores which are oral and additional signs for instance fever can develop.

  • Virus can not necessarily cause symptoms or sores and may be known as asymptomatic infection
  • Asymptomatic infections are twice as likely as a disease accompanied by symptoms


Starting at the site of infection, this virus can move to the nerve tissue in the spine known as “dorsal root ganglion”. It is there that the virus replicates again and grows to be inactive.


As soon as encountered by stresses, either physical or emotional, this virus can reactivate and develop new symptoms and sores.

Oral Herpes Pictures

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