Malar Rash Pictures

What is a Malar Rash?

A malar rash is a distinct skin condition that mainly affects the face. The rash appears across the face and may be indicative of an underlying disease such as lupus, rosacea, or lyme disease. The rash is distinguished through the characteristic butterfly shape it assumes as it is spread across the face, covering the cheeks and going across the bridge of the nose, thereby earning it its other name as the “butterfly rash”. It appears in patients who deal with conditions that involve the disruption of the cells on the skin.

Malar Rash Symptoms

The malar rash has the following features:

  • Usually red or purple in color
  • Rash can be scaly and produce flakes
  • Shaped similarly to a butterfly due to its location over the cheeks and the bridge of the nose
  • Does not cover the naso-labial folds on the face
  • Flat and with sharply defined edges

Malar Rash Causes

Malar rashes can be caused by a number of different conditions. Some of these include Systemic Lupus Erythematosus, Rosacea, and Lyme Disease. Each condition triggers the rash in its own way. Lupus brings about the distinctive rash due to its autoimmune nature and resulting affectation of the skin. Rosacea, in turn, causes the rash because of abnormally heightened inflammatory responses. And lastly, lyme disease can carry the rash along with it because of the irritation of the skin by the causative bacteria that infects the patient.

Malar Rash Treatment

Malar rashes can be treated effectively through simple home remedies or through pharmacologic means. Mild cases only warrant simple measures such as topical applications of lotions like calamine lotion to soothe the skin, along with the use of cool compresses to pacify the inflammations. For severe cases, antihistamines can be used to address the severe symptoms such as extreme itchiness and irritation.

Pictures of Malar Rash

Images, Photos and Pictures of Malar Rash in Adults, Children, Men, Women…

malar rash pictures

malar rash pictures


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