Lipoma Pictures

What is a Lipoma?

This is a fatty lump, slow growing, that is more often positioned between the muscle layer and the overlaying skin. Most of the time lipomas are simple to identify since they readily move with the slight pressure of the finger. They are also doughy to the touch and normally not tender. An individual can have one lipoma or more than one. Lipomas may happen at any age but normally they are most often found during middle adulthood.

Lipomas are not cancerous and are normally harmless. Generally treatment is not necessary but when a lipoma is located in an area that is bothersome, is growing or is painful, the individual can want to remove it.

Lipomas are

  • Situated directly under the skin – They mostly occur in the shoulders, abdomen, back, arms, thighs as well as the neck.
  • Doughy and soft to the touch of a finger – They easily move with very slight pressure with the finger.
  • Usually small – A lipoma is normally less than 2 inches or 5 cm in diameter, but is able to grow much larger.
  • Occasionally painful – Lipoma may be painful if it grows and is pressing on nerves which are nearby or if it contains numerous blood vessels.

A lipoma is hardly ever a medical condition which is serious. But if an individual notices a swelling or lump anywhere on the body, have it checked out by a doctor.

The exact cause of lipomas is not known. Lipomas are prone to run in families, so factors which are genetic are likely to play a role in their development.

Lipoma Pictures

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