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What are Lip Blisters?

Lip blisters, also termed as herpes labialis is a highly contagious viral infection discriminated by small blisters that emerge on the lips and are caused by herpes simplex virus type 1. Once the virus goes into the system, it cannot be eliminated. It just lies latent until they are stimulated by a multitude of factors.

During the primary infection, the patient is initially asymptomatic. Then, after some time, he begins to experience common symptoms of a viral infection such as hyperthermia, headache, sore throat, nausea and vomiting. After the primary infection, the virus goes into the nerve roots and stays quiescent. Factors that stimulate this virus to cause fever blisters include malnutrition, psychological stress, immunosuppression, ultraviolet ray exposure, and etc.

There is no specific cure for lip blisters. Nonetheless, certain medications are recommended to address symptoms such as pain. Oral antiviral drugs are effective in providing pain relief to some extent. Any other topical creams containing zinc is also prescribed to help heal up the sores. The cream must be applied many times a day. Other home treatments include rubbing of ice cube on the blister, application of aloe vera pulp and relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation. It is also important to protect the lips from overexposure to sunlight. A lip balm may help as it acts as a sunscreen. For brushing, use only a soft-bristled brush to lessen the chances of any minor damage to the lips. A balanced and healthy diet must be encouraged, with foods high in Vitamin C as part of the regimen to strengthen immunity.

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