Leukoplakia Pictures

What is Leukoplakia?

Leukoplakia normally affects areas of the mouth which have mucus membranes. It normally happens because of an irritation. The sores normally grow on the tongue as well as developing on the inside of cheeks.

Mouth irritations can happen because of teeth that are rough, rough spots on dentures, crowns as well as fillings. It can also happen from smoking and other use of tobacco. Individuals who are pipe smokers are at a higher risk for this problem as are individuals who keep snuff or chewing tobacco in between their lower mouth and gums for long periods.

Patches of leukoplakia can occur on female genitals in the external area with the cause for this being unidentified. Leukoplakia can turn cancerous. This is a disorder which is most generally found in the elderly.

Leukoplakia has various appearances and changes can usually develop on the gums, the inside of cheeks, and the bottom of the mouth as well as often on the tongue and can also appear as:

  • Grayish or white patches which can not be wiped away.
  • Texture which is flat or irregular.
  • Hardened or thickened areas.

There are times when there may as well be raised lesions which are red and these are most likely to show changes which are precancerous.

There is an unusual form of leukoplakia which is “hairy” and develops because of the virus known as Epstein-Barr. It is normally only seen in individuals who are infected with HIV, have AIDS or AIDS-related complex. This type has fuzzy patches which are white. They are located on the tongue and less frequently in mouth areas.

Pictures of Leukoplakia

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