Ingrown Toenail

Ingrown toenails occur when an individual trims the nails of the toe very short. This especially is true with the big toes, when the sides are too short. When an individual trims the toenails, they often with the corners taper them so the nails curve along the shape of the toe. But doing this only promotes the nail of the toe to grow into the skin of the toe. With the nail, the sides curve down and after digging into the skin start growing into it. This can also happen when an individual wears shoes which are too short or tight.

The first signs of an ingrown nail of the toe are that it gets hard, tender and swollen. After that, it can become infected and red and hurts or is very sore. Toenails which become ingrown are a painful and common condition – especially with adolescents. Even though any of the nails of the toes can develop into ingrown nails, it usually happens with the big toes. This condition develops when the skin on either or both sides of the nail grows under the edge of the nail, or the nail grows into the skin. Swelling, pain and redness begins at the corner of the nail and an infection can soon follow. Often there is also a small quantity of pus which can begin oozing from the area.

This condition of ingrown nails can occur for a lot of reasons. There are cases which are even congenital – the toenail is too big for the toe. It also can occur because of trauma to the toe or foot, such as the toe being stepped on or stubbing the toe. But as stated above the more common reason for ingrown toenails are shoes that are too tight or the improper trimming and grooming of the toenail.

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