Hypertension Pictures

Blood pressure which is high adds to the chances of developing heart disease or of having as stroke. Therefore it is vital to understand how to lower blood pressure which is too high. The risk factors for hypertension consist of drinking too much alcohol, smoking, family history or obesity.

The most hazardous attributes of hypertension is that an individual does not know if they have it. Normally there are no symptoms or signs of blood pressure that is too high. Approximately one-third of individuals who have high blood pressure do not know it. The only method to find out is to have blood pressure checked regularly. This is extremely significant if the individual has a close relative with blood pressure which is high.

If an individual has severely high blood pressure, there can be symptoms to look for. These include:

  • Confusion or fatigue
  • Headaches which are severe
  • Problems with vision
  • Pains in the chest
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Heartbeats which are irregular
  • Urine in the blood
  • Pounding of neck, ears or chest

If an individual has any of these types of symptoms, they should see their physician immediately. The individual could be having a crisis of hypertensive which leads to stroke or heart attack.

Hypertension which is untreated may cause many severe diseases which include heart disease, kidney failure, problems with eyes, as well as stroke.

Hypertension Pictures

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