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A bone spur is growth which is bony and forms on normal bone. In the case of heel spurs, these boney growths occur on the heel. Many individuals believe this would be sharp because of the word “spur” but in fact, any bone spur is simply extra bone. It is normally smooth but it can cause pain as well as tear and wear if it rubs or presses on any other soft tissues or bones such as nerves, tendons or ligaments. Places which are common for bone spurs besides the heel also include the shoulders, spine, hips, knees, hand as well as feet.

When a bone spur develops it is simply the body trying to repair itself by the process of building extra bone. This forms generally in response to rubbing, stress or pressure that has continued for a long time period.

Bone spurs can also develop as another part of the process of aging. As the body ages, cartilage which is a slippery tissue which covers the ends of bones within joints start to breakdown and will ultimately wear away and this is known as osteoarthritis. As well, discs which provide padding between bones of the spine can with age start to break down. Over the years, this can cause swelling and pain, and also bone spurs can form on the edges of the joints. Bone spurs caused by aging are very ordinary in feet and spine joints.

Spurs on the bone can also develop in the feet because of ligaments which are tight because of some activities like running or dancing that causes stress to the feet as well as the pressure of being overweight and also shoes which fit poorly.

Pictures of Heel Spurs

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