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What is a Hammer Toe?

Hammer toes are actually a deformity usually of the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th toes. This is a condition where the toe is bent at the middle joint and it then resembles a hammer. At the start, the hammer toes are very flexible and simple measures can be used to correct it but when left untreated, the hammer toes become fixed and then can require surgery to correct it.

Individuals who have hammer toes can have calluses and corns develop on the top of the joint in the middle of the toe or on the very tip of the toe. These individuals will feel some pain in the feet or the toes and often find a great deal of difficulty finding shoes which are comfortable.

Hammer toes usually are the result of shoes which are not properly fitted or there is an imbalance of a muscle – often together or with another or more other factors. Muscles in the toe need to work together in pairs in the bending and straightening of the toes. When the toes are bent and held in only one position too long, then the muscles can tighten and can not unbend or straighten out.

Any shoes which narrow toward the toes can make the forefoot look smaller. They are pretty but they can also push the toes which are smaller into a bent or flexed position. These toes rub against the shoe which can lead to the development of calluses or corns, which can further intensify this condition. A shoe with a higher heel can force the foot down and squishes all the toes against the shoe, therefore increasing pressure and the bent in the toes. Ultimately, the muscles of the toe become stiff and it becomes impossible for the toe to straighten out, even when there is no shoe confining it.

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