Gangrene Pictures

What is Gangrene?

This is reference to the death as well as decay of tissue because of a stoppage of the flow of blood to an area of the body. Some kinds of this infection also can involve an infection by bacteria. Gangrene more normally has an effect on the extremities such as the fingers, toes as well as limbs, however it also can develop in internal organs and muscles.

The chances of gangrene occurring are much elevated if you have any other condition which can damage the blood vessels as well as obstruct blood flow for example atherosclerosis or diabetes.

The treatment for this infection includes surgery to eliminate tissue which is dead, use of antibiotics as well as other treatments. The recovery prognosis is good when the gangrene is recognized early and therefore is treated quickly.

When this develops and affects the skin, symptoms and signs can include:

  • A black or blue discoloration of skin
  • Numb feeling proceed by pain that is severe
  • Discharge which is foul-smelling which leaks from a wound or sore

If you have any sort of gangrene which affects tissues underneath the skin surface, for instance internal gangrene or gas gangrene, there can be noticed:

  • Involved tissue is painful and swollen
  • You have a fever and unwell feeling

A problem known as septic shock may occur if the bacterial infection started off in the tissue that is gangrenous and spreads all through the body. Symptoms and signs of septic shock comprise:

  • Blood pressure which is low
  • Heart rate which is rapid
  • Lightheadedness
  • Confusion
  • Shortness of breath

Gangrene is a condition that is very serious and needs treatment immediately. Contact your primary care physician immediately when you have unexplained pain which is persistent in any locale of the body together with 1 or more of the following problems:

  • Fever which is persistent
  • Wound which is heals slowly recurring lesions
  • Discharge leaking for a sore which is foul-smelling
  • Skin that becomes hard, pale, numb as well as cold – which can be an sign of frostbite

Gangrene Pictures

Photos, Images, Pictures of Gangrene. (wet, dry, gas, toe, fournier, legs, diabetic, early stages)


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