Fragile X Syndrome Pictures

What is Fragile X Syndrome?

Fragile X syndrome, otherwise known as Martin-Bell syndrome is the most common genetic syndrome which causes mental retardation affecting 1 in 3600 males and 1 in every 5000 females. Normally, the involved gene produces protein needed for the development of the brain. If there is FMR1 gene mutation, the system cannot produce adequate amount of protein needed by the brain cells to perform normally or worst, will produce none at all.

Common signs seen in individuals with Fragile X syndrome are mild to severe intellectual disabilities, poor concentration, fear in new situations and speech and language difficulty. Behavioral problems seen in these patients include stereotypic hand flapping, shyness, limited eye contact and problems with face encoding. Many are easily distracted by certain stimulations such as noise and bright lights. Physically the affected person may have long face and jaw, prominent ears, high-arched palate, flat feet, double-jointed thumbs, loose, hyperextensible and flexible joints and poor muscle tone.

Because this is a genetic disorder with brain involvement, 100% cure is impossible. However, people can be treated to diminish and remove some of the abnormalities in learning, speech, language, as well as social, physical, emotional and sensory problems. Better outcomes are anticipated if the therapies are started earlier; therapies may include behavioral therapy and special education.

Pictures of Fragile X Syndrome

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