Fifth Disease Pictures

What is Fifth disease?

This is a name for a parvovirus infection which is common as well as highly contagious ailment of childhood. It is also known as slapped-cheek disease due to the characteristic face rash which develops. This infection is called fifth disease because historically it was 1 of 5 common childhood disease typified by a rash.

In many children, this infection is very mild as well as requiring little treatment. But, this infection occurs in some women who are pregnant and can lead to health problems which are serious for the fetus. This infection is also serious for individuals with any type of anemia or those with an immune system that is compromised.

The majority of individuals with this infection normally have no symptoms or signs. When signs do become visible, they differ a great deal by age.

Fifth disease Symptoms

Early symptoms and signs of this disease in children can include:

  • Throat which is sore
  • Fever which is slight
  • Stomach upset
  • Fatigue
  • Headache
  • Itching

Some days following the formation of early on symptoms, a very characteristic facial rash which is bright red can appear – normally on both cheeks. Ultimately, it can expand to the trunk, thighs, buttocks as well as the arms, where this rash is lacy, pink in appearance and is slightly raised.

Usually, this rash develops near the beginning of the end of the infection. It is probable to mistaken this rash for some other rash caused by a viral infection or a rash which is drug-related. The rash can come and go for as long as 3 weeks, becoming most visible when the child is exposed to any excessive temperatures or expends any time in the sun.

Adults do not normally develop this slapped-cheek rash. Rather the most well-known symptom of this infection in adults is soreness in the joint which lasts day to even weeks. The joints more commonly affected are in the wrists, knees, ankles as well as the hands.

Fifth Disease Pictures

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Fifth disease in children


  1. I believe after doing some research on the net that my 6 year old daughter may have fifth disease. I know absolutely nothing about this & actually have never heard of it. So I have 2 questions now after reading a little about it. 1)What should I do for my daughter? Do I take her to the Dr. or is it something I can treat at home? 2)On webmd it said that if you have a child with fifth disease & are pregnant that you should get checked out asap because it can cause problems with the fetus(10% can even die). But it said for people in 1st trimester to be more worried. I am in my 3rd trimester…7months pregnant…so do I still have to worry about all the same things? Thank you in advance to anyone that may have some informaion for me.

  2. My 5 yr old daughter has a rash onher belly and her chest now its moving tothe inside of her thighs.i havent seen anything on her cheecks and she has a temp.its just litlle breakout all over and i have takin her to the doctor but they said to just give her benadrel.i have been giving her that and putting anti itch cream on her i dont think anything is helping.the doc said its a virol and a fifth desease but i looked at pics and my daughter doesnt look that there some other types of lotion i can put on her or do something to make it go away.i feel so bad for herzni dont know whatelse to do


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