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What is Eye Stye?

A stye is an acute condition of the secretory glands in the eyelid which is characterized by a small, red, painful bump at the base of an eyelash which is caused by Staphylococcal bacteria. This bump may get larger and a white or yellow center develops. Because of eye irritation, there is excessive watering in the affected eye. A patient experiences a gritty feeling that there is something in the eye.

This is not a serious condition and does not affect vision. Usually, it responds well to proper treatment. In some cases when they stye is left untreated; the condition may progress to cellulitis of the eyelid.

Apply a warm compress against the affected eye for about 10 to 15 minutes in duration. The procedure is repeated four times each day until the seventh day, the maximum time when the stye is expected to drain. It is important to use new cloth each compress so as not to perpetuate the infection. Dispose properly the used compress so that others cannot handle it. Never attempt to squeeze the stye; just let it drain on its own. Trying to squeeze the stye before it is ready to burst will just push the pus into the tissue next to the stye causing further infection. Doctors may even prescribe antibiotic eye drops and ointment. If the stye does not drain and becomes larger, the doctor may lance it.

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