Erythrasma Pictures

What is Erythrasma?

It is a bacterial infection which is long-term and normally develops in areas of skin folds or between overlapping skin. It is infected by the bacteria Corynebacterium minutissimum.

This infection usually effects individuals of any age or ethnicity, but is most common among those who live in humid, warm climates. It is also most common in those with dark-skin. Although both sexes can be affected, males tend to have the infection of the groin area more often than females. You are most likely to develop this infection if you have diabetes or are overweight.

Erythrasma appears as a patch of red to pink, scaly skin. The border edges of erythrasma are well-defined which means there is a sharp edge between the area that is affect and the surrounding skin which is normal. Over a period of time, the red or pink color will fad to brown or tan.

Erythrasma is normally located in body folds which are moist such as

  • In the groin as well as inner thighs
  • Under arms
  • Between toes, especially between the 4th an 5th toes

Erythrasma is less commonly found in the crevice of the buttock or in the folds under the breasts. In some individuals, like those with diabetes, this infection can become widespread and can develop on the arms, legs as well as trunk.

Erythrasma normally causes no symptoms or signs, but some individuals can develop burning or mild itching especially in the area of the groin.

To treat this infection scrub gently the infected patches with soap that is antibacterial. A prescription of erythromycin gel which is used to cover the skin can also work to treat this inflammation. With severe cases, the individual should see their primary care physician who can prescribe oral erythromycin.

These self-care methods can lower the chances of developing erythrasma

  • Good hygiene maintenance
  • Keeping skin dry
  • Wear clothing that is clean and absorbent
  • Avoid excessive moisture or heat
  • Maintain body weight which is healthy

Pictures of Erythrasma

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