Erysipelas Pictures

What is Erysipelas?

It is a kind of skin infection or cellulitis. This skin infection is usually caused by the bacteria group A Streptococcus. This infection can affect both adults and children.

The Risk Factors for Erysipelas are

  • Problems with drainage thru the lymphatic system or veins
  • Cut in the skin
  • Sores of the skin known as ulcers

During the past, the most common site of infection has been the face. Currently it accounts for approximately 20% of cases. 80% of cases today are affected on the legs.

Symptoms and signs of Erysipelas are

  • Fever, chills as well as shaking
  • Blisters
  • Very swollen, red as well as warm skin under the sore or lesion, painful
  • Lesion on the skin with a raised border
  • Erysipelas lesions on the bridge of nose as well as the cheeks

To eliminate the infection antibiotics such as penicillin need to be used. In really severe cases, these antibiotics need to be given thru intravenous line or IV. Those with repeated episodes of this infection may need antibiotics long-term.

Complications of this infection in some individuals are caused by traveling to the blood stream. This result is an infection called bacteremia. This infection can spread to the joints, bones, as well as heart valves.

Erysipelas Complications

  • Infection returning
  • Septic shock

An individual needs to call their primary care physician if they have lesions or skin sores which look like erysipelas.

To prevent this infection an individual needs to keep the skin healthy by avoiding skin that is dry and preventing scrapes and cuts. This can reduce the risk for erysipelas.

Pictures of Erysipelas

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