DiGeorge Syndrome Pictures

What is DiGeorge syndrome?

This is a disorder which is caused by a defect in chromosome 22, and causes poor development of certain systems of the body.

Problems classified as medical which are frequently linked with DiGeorge syndrome include defects of the heart, immune system function which is poor, cleft palate, parathyroid glands which functions poorly as well as disorders with behavioral.

The severity and number of problems linked with DiGeorge syndrome can differ very much. Approximately everyone with DiGeorge syndrome will need treatment from a variety of specialists in many fields.

Before the detection of the 22 chromosome defect, this disorder has many names – DiGeorge syndrome, velocardiofacial syndrome as well as others.

Symptoms and signs of DiGeorge syndrome may vary greatly in severity as well as type. This difference will depend on what systems of the body are affected and exactly how serious the defects are. Some symptoms and signs can be seen at birth, but others can not appear until much later in infancy or early childhood.

Symptoms and signs can include some blend of the following:

  • Skin which is bluish because of poor circulation of blood which is oxygen-rich
  • Tiring or becoming weak easily
  • Unable to thrive
  • Unable to gain weight
  • Muscle tone which is poor
  • Shortness of breath
  • Spasms or twitching around the hands, throat, arms or mouth
  • Infections which are frequent
  • Feeding difficulties
  • Development which is delayed, such as sitting up, rolling over or other milestones
  • Speech development delayed
  • Learning difficulties or delays
  • Gap in roof of mouth or cleft palate or further problems with palate
  • Certain features of the face, such as ears that are low-set, wide-set eyes or a groove in the upper lip which is narrow

Pictures of DiGeorge Syndrome

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