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What is a Diabetic Foot?

If a person diagnosed with diabetes will sustain a very high blood glucose levels over time, multiple body organs and structures will be significantly affected. If the condition is poorly controlled, the body’s immune system can be impaired and vital organs can incur major damage. Frequently, foot problems arise and can suddenly become dangerous.

A diabetic foot is referring to a diseased foot which displays a pathological process which results absolutely from a long-standing diabetes mellitus. The most severe complications in diabetes affecting the foot include diabetic foot ulceration, diabetic foot infections and neuropathic osteoarthropathy.

There are more than a few risk factors which tend to increase a diabetic patient’s chances of developing foot problems and diabetic infections. These are poorly fitting shoes, peripheral neuropathy, poor circulation due to atherosclerosis, trauma to the foot, infections and tobacco smoking.

A diabetic foot is characterized by the following clinical manifestations; persistent pain, redness especially in areas surrounding the wound, swelling of the feet and legs, localized warmth positive claudication, hard, shiny, hairless skin on the legs, persistent bloody drainage, difficulty walking, fever with chills and lasting numbness in the feet and legs.

Affected individuals must know how to prevent this complication before it occurs by identifying the problems ahead of time and to obtain medical supervision. While there are a number of successful treatments currently available, satisfactory management of blood sugar level still remains as the most excellent means to prevent development of complications. Other self-care methods include daily foot examination, toenail trimming, wearing secure yet comfortable foot wear, regular recommended exercise, diabetes control and quitting smoking.

Pictures of Diabetic Foot

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