Dental Abscess Pictures

What is a Dental Abscess?

This is a tooth which has an abscess as well as an assortment of material infected (such as pus) which result from an infection from a bacteria in the tooth center.

The abscess is a difficulty of decay of the tooth. It can also be caused by tooth trauma when a tooth is chipped or broken. Any opening in the enamel of the tooth lets bacteria in to cause an infection of the tooth center known as the pulp. The infection can spread from the tooth root and into the bones which support the tooth.

The infection outcome is pus which consists of dead and live bacteria, dead tissue, as well as white blood cells together with the tissues swelling within the tooth. All of this can create a toothache which is very painful. When the root of the tooth dies, the toothache can stop, unless there is the development of an abscess. This is really true when the infection stays active and continues to spread as well as destroy tissue.

The major sign is a toothache which is severe. There is continuous pain this can be expressed as sharp, gnawing, throbbing or shooting.

Dental Abscess Symptoms

Other sign or symptoms can include:

  • Taste in mouth which is bitter
  • Odor of the breath
  • Ill feeling or overall discomfort or uneasiness
  • Fever
  • Pain on chewing
  • Teeth are sensitivity to cold or hot
  • Glands which are swollen in the neck
  • Area of the lower of upper jaw is swollen – serious symptom

Dental Abscess Pictures

Photos, Images and Pictures of dental abscess…


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