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Cystic Acne Pictures

What is Cystic Acne?

It is called by many the cruelest and often the more painful type of acne. This type of infection is extremely painful and is not able to be cured overnight. Cysts form which are swollen with pus filled pustules which are red and are able to be seen on the surface of the skin.

The cause of this infection is unable to be determined exactly and it possibly varies from person to person. Changes or imbalances of hormones, dirt collected on the skin are two of the main causes. Experts in skin care as well as medical specialists believe that cystic acne is in many cases hereditary. An individual can have a breakout of acne at almost any age; but the majority of these acne infections are seen in teenagers. Any acne infections after 30 years of age or older is known as adult acne. This is normally seen in females after pregnancy. Post pregnancy acne is very common usually caused by the constant change in hormones which take place during this period.

It is important to remember that acne breakouts are only a temporary state and as a result should never be agitated. Many individuals are prone to squeezing the pustules which are pus filled to rid the acne of the pus which makes the skin appears so bad but only ends up causing permanent scarring of the skin. Bleeding also develops if these areas are pricked or scratched at too much.

There are lotions and creams available OTC as well as on websites over the internet but they have no effect on skin that is already damaged. Often squeezing the pustules can cause pits to develop in the skin. The pits are not possible to get rid of without cosmetic surgery.

Pictures of Cystic Acne

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Cystic Acne Pictures
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