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Crouzon Syndrome Pictures

What is Crouzon Syndrome?

Crouzon Syndrome is a situation that results from the premature fusion of the skull sutures as well as deformity of the skull.

Distinctiveness includes:

  • Skull is prematurely fused and is unable to grow normally
  • A small underdeveloped upper jaw
  • Bulging wide-set eyes because of shallow eyes sockets
  • Eyelids which slant downward
  • High, narrow, arched palate
  • Parrot-like nose, curved

Crouzon syndrome is a disorder that is genetic. In the United States it is estimated that approximately 1 for every 60,000 live births has Crouzon syndrome. It affects babies of every ethnic background. It is believed to be inherited but it could possibly be spontaneous.

Additionally to the characteristics which are physical and common to Crouzon Syndrome, the child can also have the following problems:

  • Poor vision
  • Dental problems due to crowded teeth as well as a narrow palate
  • Difficulty breathing because of small airway
  • Possible fluid on the brain
  • Ear diseases and hearing loss in about 50% of children

There could also be other internal problems with the head and face such as absent ear canals or narrow canals, problems with the palate and the teeth as well as problems with the sinuses and the nose. In some children with Crouzon syndrome, 2 or more bones in the neck can be fused together.

There is no precise treatment for Crouzon syndrome, so most medical care focuses on managing symptoms and correcting deformities surgically. Opening the fused cranial bones is normally done early in order to stop pressure on the brain. The facial bones can be reconstructed with plastic surgery. Orthodontics can help with teeth problems. Speech therapy may help children with Crouzon syndrome begin to communicate. Those with this syndrome normally have a lifespan which is normal.

Pictures of Crouzon Syndrome

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Crouzon Syndrome Pictures
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