Creeping Eruption Pictures

What is a Creeping Eruption?

This is an infection with cat or dog hookworm larvae. Hookworm eggs are normally found in the stool of contaminated cats and dogs. When these eggs emerge the larvae which results infest the vegetation as well as the soil. When an individual touches this infested earth, the larvae can tunnel into the skin, creating an inflammatory response which is intense and leads to severe itching as well as a rash.

This problem is most frequent in countries that have balmy climates. In the US, the states in the southeast have the largest rates of disease. The major risk feature for this problem is making contact with sandy, damp soil which is contaminated with dog as well as cat feces which is infected. There are more children infected than adults.

Creeping Eruption Symptoms

  • Itching which is more severe during the night
  • Blisters
  • Snakelike tracks seen in the skin which are raised and can over time spread, normally about 1 cm each day – severe infection can cause tracks which are severe

Your primary care physician will normally diagnose this problem by examining your skin. In rare cases, a skin biopsy can be performed to eliminate any other conditions.

Anti-parasitic drugs such as albendazole or thiabendazole can be taken to treat the infection. Ivermectin can also work.

Creeping eruption can go away by itself over a time period of weeks to months. Treatment helps infection to go away much more quickly and has a high success rate.

Creeping Eruption Complications

  • Skin infections which is secondary caused by intensive scratching
  • Infection spreads thru the blood stream to the small intestine or the lungs

Make an visit with your primary care physician if anyone in your family has lesions of the skin which are itchy, snakelike and migratory.

De-worming of cats and dogs as well as public sanitation has reduced hookworm infestation in the US. Hookworm larvae often penetrate the body thru bare feet, so wearing shoes in areas where infections with hookworms are known to take place can help avoid infections.

Creeping Eruption Pictures

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