Colon Cancer Pictures

What is Colon Cancer?

Colon is a muscular tube-like structure which is responsible for the digestion and absorption nutrients, concentration of fecal material and storing and controlling the fecal material evacuation.

Colon cancer is a disease where the normal cells in the colon tissues become malignant. Some individuals are more likely to develop colorectal cancer than the others because some individuals have more predisposing factors which include high fat intake, family history of colorectal cancer, chronic ulcerative colitis and polyps in the large intestine.

Unfortunately, this cancer is asymptomatic, and as of now, there is no available screening method that can effectively be used for early detection. Because of the misguided obsession of doctors in diagnosing the symptoms of colon cancer as manifestations of amoebiasis and other inflammatory bowel diseases, the establishment of it being the final diagnosis is delayed.

Common clinical manifestations include abdominal pain and distention, unexplained weight loss, change in the bowel habits, anemia due to rectal bleeding, hemorrhoids, ribbon-like stools and rectal pain.

For most colon cancers, the primary treatment is curative or palliative surgery. It can also be under bypass, fecal diversion, or open-and-close. The type of surgery will depend on the size and location of the colon tumor. If the cancer is localized, then the best option is curative surgery. In cases where there are multiple metastases, to reduce advanced morbidity, primary resection of the primary tumor is presented as the leading treatment option. If contiguous structures and tissues are already involved making excision mechanically challenging, surgeons perform bypass or proximal fecal diversion via a stoma.

Pictures of Colon Cancer

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