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What is Club Foot?

A club foot, also known as congenital talipes equinovarus is a common, mild to severe hereditary abnormality which involves one or both feet occurring in approximately 1 in every 1,000 live births. It occurs a lot in male population than in female population by a ratio of 2:1. In this condition, the involved foot turns inward and downward. If left untreated, the affected person appears to walk using their ankles on the sides of the feet.

In majority of the reported cases, clubfoot appears to be idiopathic in etiology. With its appearance similar to the foot position at some point in the early fetal development, t is assumed that some unknown causes halt the normal change during fetal growth. However, hereditary factor may participate in the process. Other factors which are associated to a more severe type of a clubfoot are abnormalities such as spinal dysraphism, tethered cord and arthrogyrposis.

In a clubfoot, the foot appears internally rotated at the ankle at birth. The heel is drawn up while the toes are pointing down. In comparison to a normal child, the affected child may have smaller foot and leg. The affected foot is prominently rigid and lacks activity.

Soon after birth, the treatment of moving the affected foot in the normal position with casting is started, since reshaping the foot is easiest in this moment.

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