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What is a Chilblain?

A chilblain, otherwise known as perniosis, is a painful medical condition affecting the small blood vessels characterized by ulcers on extremities that occur only when a prone individual is subjected to sudden warming from cold temperature. As the extremities are exposed to cold environment, the capillary beds are damaged leading to the appearance of small red itchy patches which turn into purple in due course, swelling and blistering especially on the toes, fingers, nose and ears. But initially, the affected individual will experience burning and itching on the areas.

One effective measure to prevent chilblains is to keep the feet warm by wearing trousers, leg warmers and thick socks. Always avoid rapid changes in the temperature. In case when the feet turn cold, slowly permit to warm both feet up however; never place them directly in front of a source of heat. In addition, cotton wool must be placed between the toes to enhance circulation. Another contributing factor in which circulation in small blood vessels is interrupted is smoking.

The moment chilblain develops, it is advised not to rub or massage the affected area. Avoid direct heat such as heater, feet is only warmed by wearing woolen socks and footwear. Calamine lotions can be used to soothe the skin. Lanolin application can help stimulate the circulation. To prevent the chilblains from becoming infected, avoid the skin from breaking out or if broken, antiseptic dressing must be applied on the area.

Pictures of Chilblains

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