Cherry Angiomas Pictures

Cherry angiomas are skin spots containing a deep red color which reflects the name. They are non-cancerous growths which are benign and normally not dangerous. Normally they cause problems which are only aesthetic in character, often causing a scar which is blood-colored and that is permanent but are normally very small. Cherry angiomas usually occur in individuals as they age. According to research, cherry angiomas more commonly affect those individuals over thirty. They materialize on skin as dots which are very small and have a cherry deep red color as well as a texture which is smooth. Cherry angiomas can begin as tiny specks; as time passes they may develop to as big as ½ cm. They are most found on the trunk of the body but also occur on the head, face, limbs and neck. They rarely require medical treatment but if an individual wants them to be removed there are some medical treatments for them.

One medical treatment for the removal of cherry angiomas is to be frozen thru a procedure referred to as cryotherapy. Reports show that this procedure is a method of removal which involves using a probe which contains nitrogen in liquid form that generates temperatures that are extremely freezing on a portion of the cherry angiomas.

Another treatment to the other extreme is to singe the growth off. This involves cutting or burning the growth thru procedures known as electrosurgery or cautery. With electrosurgery, a current of electricity is normally used to eliminate the cherry angiomas and to limit or stop bleeding. Cautery is used as an option due to the small size of the cherry angiomas.

Cherry Angiomas Pictures

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  1. I have these cherry angioma on my back and n my side and thye keep coming out everywhere. I notice i am even getting them on my legs and everywhere else. Is this normal? Sometimes they itch is that normal? please email me back if you have anymore information on cherry angioma. Thank you!


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