Cellulitis Pictures

What is cellulitis?

It is a common but possibly severe infection of the skin caused by bacteria. Cellulitis develops as a red area of skin that feels tender and hot, is swollen and can rapidly spread.

The skin on the lower legs is the more commonly affected area, but cellulitis may also occur anywhere on the face or body. Cellulitis can affect only the surface of the skin – or, it can also affect the tissues underlying the skin and may spread to the bloodstream and lymphatic nodes.

When left untreated, the infection may rapidly spread turning into a life-threatening condition. That is why it is extremely important to get immediate medical treatment if symptoms of cellulitis occur.

Cellulitis Symptoms

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Pain
  • Tenderness
  • Fever
  • Warmth

Changes in the skin can be accompanied by fever. The area of redness over time is prone to expand. Red small spots can appear on the top of the skin that is reddened and less commonly, blisters which are small can form and burst.

You should see your doctor if you have a rash that is swollen, tender, warm and red – and if it is expanding. You should try to see the doctor as quickly as possible – usually the same day. If pain or fever develops with the rash, or the rash is rapidly changing, seek emergency treatment. Cellulitis is an infection that needs to be indentified and treated early due to the condition causing a severe infection by rapidly spreading thru out the body.

Cellulitis Pictures

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  1. my daughter was admitted to hospital within 24-36 hours of a bulging area in the upper third of her forehead that has to continue toexpand to the point that within the next 18 hours her face was so distorted that from her upper lipline into the hairline at her ears, over temples and all the area within that rectangle/triangle–“ISH” are was flat and both eyes were swollen shut and she could not see. the er drs. were stumped and the best area specialist still are. they are calling it cellulitis…an educated guess i suspect. the pix here do not compair to the way she looks. she is far worse. she has been hospitalized about 24 hours now and has started to resond to iv antibiotics as soon as they added steroids but while the improvement is joyous and welcomed she still looks like the elephant man’s daughter. it breaks my heart but it terrrifies me even more. she is on the surgery floor of one of the gulf coasts best teaching hospitals. please pray for her i am not sure she is on the mend yet or if she is just getting some minimal symptom relief. while i got good diagnostic/treatmnent/ etc info on this site there is still not much on the occurance of it on the face, time lines, and prolonged prognosis for reoccurance and i found the site to be very vague on symptoms such as numbness, equilibrium problems, and some muscle paralysis (probably a side effect of the enormous amount of swelling but that is my diagnosis not theirs). however i do know alot more than when i sat down at the computer 20+ minutes ago and am only slightly less confused and baffled though no more reassured.


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