Cancerous Moles Pictures

What are Cancerous Moles?

Normally, moles are flat or slightly elevated skin growths appearing anywhere on the body, which vary from tan, brown red, to black colored measuring about six millimeters in diameter. These growths are the result of melanocytes build up. During pregnancy or when exposed to sun, the moles are likely to turn darker and lighten during cold seasons.

Moles that suggest risk of melanoma include those which are primarily asymmetric, moles with irregular or ill-defined borders, those with exaggeratedly black, white or red colored moles or whose color which changes over time and those moles with increased diameter.

If a mole is unintentionally traumatized or injured and bleeds, then try to block off the bleeding by applying pressure with a cloth saturated in a disinfectant. Assure the patient that the trauma in the moles has a very low chance to cause malignant transformation, since the process is highly associated to a concentrated and unguarded exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun. Above all, it is important that the patient seeks consultation from a dermatologist to examine the skin lesion and identify the possible carcinogenic factor.

During assessment, the doctor gathers information on the appearance, growth rate, environment, work, sun exposure and genetics. Depending on the clinical judgment of the physician, a total surgical excision may be needed to remove the cancerous moles. After, the specimen is sent for a histopathological examination. Moles can also be removed through lightening creams, bleach, cryosurgery, shave removal or by punch biopsy.

Pictures of Cancerous Moles

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