What is Bursitis?

Bursitis is a condition which is painful and affects the fluid-filled pads which are small and called bursae. These bursae act as pads that are among the bones, the tendons, and the muscles near the joints. Bursitis develops when a bursa is inflamed.

Where does Bursitis occur?

The more common place for bursitis is the elbows, hips and the shoulders. It can also occur by the heel, base of big toe and knee. It most often develops in those joints which perform repetitive motion frequently.


Typically the treatment is resting the joint that is affected and also protecting it from any further trauma or injury. Most cases the pain of bursitis disappears within a couple of weeks with correct therapy, but flare-ups do occur and are frequent.


With a case of bursitis, the joint that is affected will:

  • Feel stiff or achy
  • Hurts more when pressed on or when moved
  • Looks red and swollen

When to see a doctor?

You should consult your primary care physician if:

  • Joint pain is disabling
  • Two weeks or more than pain
  • Affected area has bruising, excessive swelling or a rash
  • A fever
  • Shooting or sharp pain, especially when exerting yourself or exercise

The more common reason for bursitis is repetitive positions or motions which irritate the bursae around a joint. Examples are:

  • Leaning on elbows for long period of time
  • Throwing baseball or lifting anything over the head repeatedly
  • Kneeling extensive, with tasks such as scrubbing floors or laying carpet
  • Prolonged sitting, if on hard surfaces

Some bursae at the elbow and knee lie right below the skin, so they are the ones at the highest risk of puncture injuries which can also become infected and cause bursitis which is septic.

Bursitis Pictures

Pictures of Bursitis – Knee, Prepatellar, elbow, heel, shoulder, hip, ankle, patellar, olecranon Bursitis Pictures, Photos, Images and Pics…


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