Bullous Pemphigoid Pictures

What is Bullous Pemphigoid?

Bullous pemphigold is a continual, rare condition of the skin which normally appears as fluid-filled, large blisters in the skin. Anyone may develop bullous pemphigold; it normally always distresses older persons.

It occurs because the immunization system builds up an attack on the layer of thin tissue below the on the outside layer of skin.

Medications which repress the abnormalities of the immunization system of bullous pemphigold can cause symptoms to get better but need consistent monitoring for any side effects which can be serious. It is hardly ever life-threatening, with the exception of older adults who already have health that is poor or in those people with poor functioning immune system.

The main features of bullous pemphigold are the appearances of blisters. Distinctiveness of these blisters can include some of the following:

  • Fluid inside of these blisters normally clear but can have some blood
  • Blisters are filled with fluid and are large as well as do not easily rupture when touched.
  • Blisters may develop anyplace on the body but are regularly on the groin, abdomen, arms and inner thighs. Blisters are also located the length of folds or creases in the skin, such as the skin on the inside of a joint.
  • The site of a busted blister can be sensitive or painful
  • Skin surround the blisters can appear reddish, normal in people with skin color which is light or darker than what is normal in people with dark skin color.

Other symptoms or signs include

  • Itching – the involved regions of skin are typically extremely itchy
  • Mouth sores – can build up sores or blisters in the mouth and infrequently on additional mucous membranes
  • Hives – raised, dark or red patches of swollen skin (hives) can appear before the development of blisters. In many cases, hives can be the only skin lesion to develop.

Bullous Pemphigoid Pictures

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