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What is Brain Cancer?

Brain cancer is the end result of unusual growths of brain cells. Brain cancer can be the result of abnormalities in the primary brain cells or from the cancer cells that develop in other organs that have metastasized to the brain.

It is rare for primary brain cancer to extend outside the central nervous system. Serious damage to neighboring brain tissues and death result when there is an unrestrained tumor growth in the confines of the skull. Primary brain tumors can be categorized under cancerous or noncancerous however both categories consume a limited space in the intracranial cavity causing severe symptoms and complications. The cancerous tumors are always critical since they are invasive and infiltrative in character. Noncancerous tumors are less serious compared to the malignant types; these only become life-threatening if they compromise vital organs such as an artery.

An environmental risk factor for brain cancer is an individual’s exposure to vinyl chloride. It is a carcinogenic substance usually used in manufacturing plastic products which is also present in tobacco smoking.

Because of the impediment in the cerebrospinal fluid flow, CSF builds up which increases the intracranial pressure. Nausea, vomiting and headache are the resulting symptoms. A brain tumor compressing the frontal lobe causes behavioral and emotional changes, impaired judgment and sense of smell, loss of memory, paralysis, reduced cognitive function and loss of vision. If the parietal lobe is affected, it causes impaired speech, inability to write, lack of recognition, seizure and spatial disorders. A brain cancer close to the brainstem produces irritability, difficulty speaking, drowsiness, morning headache, loss of hearing, one-sided facial muscle weakness, loss of vision and uncoordinated gait.

Treatment for brain cancer involves multiple surgery, radiosurgery, and chemotherapy.

Pictures of Brain Cancer

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