Black Hairy Tongue Pictures

What is a Black hairy tongue?

This is a harmless, temporary oral condition which gives the tongue a furry, dark appearance. The distinctive look of hairy, black tongue normally results from bacteria overgrowth of the mouth.

Even though this condition can look startling, it does not cause any problems with health. It is normally resolves with not medical attention.

Symptoms of Black Hairy Tongue

  • Yellow, brown or black tint of the tongue
  • Furry or hairy look of the tongue
  • Metallic or altered flavor in mouth
  • Halitosis also known as bad breath
  • Some people have gagging sensation

Even though this condition is very unattractive is normally is only a brief, not dangerous condition.

See your physician:

  • If you are concerned about your tongue appearance
  • Your symptoms and signs stays for more than 10 days

Black hairy tongue normally results when protrusions which are on the tongue known as papillae elongate and do not drop like normal. This makes the tongue look hairy. Bacteria, debris, or other organisms gather on the papillae and result in yellow, brown or black discoloration.

The cause of this problem can not always be determined. But, potential causes include:

  • Altered in bacteria that is normal or content of the yeast in the mouth after antibiotic use
  • Oral hygiene which is poor
  • Mouth breathing
  • Any drugs containing bismuth, for instance Pepto-Bismol
  • Regularly using of mouthwashes that contain oxidizing managers, such as remove the color or caustic agents, such as menthol or witch hazel
  • Tobacco use which is heavy

Black Hairy Tongue Pictures

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