Baby Acne Pictures

Approximately 20% of newborn infants can become affected by a skin acne that is known as neonatorum or simply baby acne. This is often a matter of great concern to new parents as they do not want their new, tender baby to be affected by acne. It is not pretty but it is fairly common and only short-term. There is very little that can be done to avert baby acne. The best management is simply to do nothing.

Baby acne usually occurs on the chin, forehead as well as the cheeks. It is normally characterized by red, small bumps or pustules. It often begins within the 1st 3 to 4 weeks after birth. Baby acne can look worse when the baby is crying or fussy.

Some babies will also develop white, tiny bumps on the cheeks, chin or nose. These are referred to as miia.

Baby acne is caused by acne vulgaris which occurs by over activity of the sebaceous glands that creates a lot of excess oil. When this extreme oil creation joins with bacteria which produce acne as well as hair follicles, it forms an appropriate setting for acne to breakout. But, the main reason for baby acne is hormones which get passed from the mother during the birth process. These hormones stimulate the sebaceous glands in the baby and so acne is the result.

Normally, baby acne begins around 4 weeks of age and continues until the age of 4 months. It can also develop on the back of the baby. This condition is more common in male babies than females.

A new mother should visit with the baby’s physician if there is apprehension about the baby’s complexion, the baby’s acne gets worse or it does not go away within 3 months.

Baby Acne Pictures

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