Autism Pictures

What is Autism?

This is one in a grouping of developmental problems which are serious and are known as “autism spectrum disorders” or ASD. These problems become apparent in early childhood – normally before 3 years old. While symptoms as well as the severity may vary, all these disorders normally affect a child’s capability to communicate as well as relate with others.

The quantity of children who are identified with autism seems to be increasing but this is unclear if this is caused by detection methods which are better and reporting of this disorder, a valid raise in the amount of cases, or both.

There is currently no cure for autism, but early, intensive therapy may create a big difference in the lives of many children who live with this disorder.

Those with autism normally have difficulties in 3 critical parts of development – language, behavior as well as social interaction. But since autism symptoms can vary greatly, 2 children who have the exact same diagnosis can act quite differently and have very different abilities. In the majority of severe cases of autism is marked by a total inability to interact or communicate with different people.

There are some children who show symptoms of autism early in infancy. In other children, they may normally develop for the 1st few months or years but then all of a sudden begin to withdrawn, become hostile or lose language abilities which they had already attained. Each child with autism has a distinctive pattern of behavior and these are some frequent autism symptoms social skills:

  • Failure to react to her or his name
  • Poor eye to eye contact
  • Seems at times not to hear others
  • Refuses to accepts holding as well as cuddling
  • Appears to be unaware of others’ feelings
  • Appears to favor playing alone
  • Withdraws into her or his “own world”

Autism Pictures

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