Atopic Dermatitis Pictures

Atopic dermatitis which is also known as eczema is an inflammation and itchy of the skin. It is normally a chronic or long-lasting problem which can come with hay fever or asthma. Eczema mostly is seen in children as well as infants but in some cases it will continue into maturity or can even 1st materialize late in life.

Eczema can be in many areas but is typically seen behind the knees and the arms. It usually flares up from time to time and will then go away. The causes of atopic dermatitis are not known but it is believed can result because of a failure of the body’s immune system.

Measures which involve self-care such as avoiding soaps or other irritants and using ointments or creams may help in relieving the itching. When the symptoms become so distracting that they stop you from your daily routines or hinder sleeping, you should seek medical attention.

Atopic Dermatitis Symptoms

  • Itching that can be severe – especially during the night
  • Brownish gray to red colored patches
  • Sensitive, raw skin from the scratching
  • Raised, small bumps that can leak fluid and then crust over when scratched
  • Cracked, scaly or thickened skin

Although these patches may develop anywhere but they more frequently develop on the feet and hands, behind the knees, in the front of the bend of the elbow as well as on the wrists, neck, ankles, upper cheek and face. It may as well affect skin around the eyes, as well as your eyelids. Scratching these places may cause swelling and redness around the eyes. Often, scratching or rubbing in this area can cause irregular loss of the hair in eyebrows as well as eyelashes.

Atopic Dermatitis Pictures

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