Aphthous Stomatitis Pictures

What is Aphthous Stomatitis?

This is a disease that causes ulcers which are small to develop in the mouth normally inside the lips, on the tongue or on the cheeks. This condition is also known as “canker sores”.

The precise reason for this condition is not known. Many factors are believed to be involved with the growth of canker sores, including:

  • Immune system which is weak
  • Food allergies such as to chocolate, coffee, nuts, citrus fruits as well as cheese
  • Stress
  • Bacteria as well as viruses
  • Mouth trauma
  • Nutrition which is poor
  • Some medications

This condition is normally seen in adolescents and children from 10-19 years of age. Approximately 1/3rd of children who are affected will have lesions which will continue to recur for years after the first occurrence.

The ulcers are not contagious and will not be spread between children.


Common symptoms of this condition are listed below. But, every child can experience signs differently. These include:

  • Ulcers of the mouth, normally inside of the cheeks, inside the lip or on the tongue
  • Ulcers are covered with a layer of yellow as well as a red base
  • In most cases no fever
  • Lesions normally heal in 1 to 2 weeks
  • Lesions tend to re-development

Precise therapy for this condition needs to be determined by your primary care physician usually based on:

  • Child’s age, medical history as well as overall health
  • Disease extent
  • Child’s tolerance for some medications, therapies or procedures
  • Prognosis of the course of the disease
  • Parent’s preference or opinion

Pictures of Aphthous Stomatitis

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