Apert Syndrome Pictures

What is Apert Syndrome?

This is a disease that is genetic where the seams in between the bones of the skull close earlier than normally. This will affect the form of the face as well as the head.

This syndrome is passed down thru families. It is passed down as a dominant autosomal trait which means only 1 parent needs to pass the gene that is faulty to an offspring for that child to develop the condition. There are some cases which occur with no family history.

This syndrome develops because of a gene mutation. This gene is known as “fibroblast growth factor receptor 2.” The defective gene can cause some of the sutures which are bony of the skull to close up too soon which is a condition known as craniosynostosis.

Individuals with this syndrome a very distinctive looking face and there can be full length fusion or webbing between the second, third, or fourth toes and the fingers. As the child maintains growth, the bones in the feet and hands become more and more fused, which decreases the function as well as flexibility.

Some other syndromes which include craniosynostosis may lead to the parallel form of the head and face, but don’t include the serious foot and hand difficulties of apert syndrome.

Symptoms of Apert Syndrome

  • Premature closure of the sutures in between skull bones, noted by ridging all along the sutures
  • Numerous infections of the ear
  • Severe or fusion webbing of the second, third, and fourth finger which is frequently called “mitten hands”
  • Loss of hearing
  • Late-closing or large soft spot in a baby’s skull
  • Possibility of slow intellectual growth which varies from individual to individual
  • Bulging or prominent eyes
  • Under development of the mid-face which is severe
  • Skeletal – especially limb – abnormalities
  • Height which is short
  • Toe fusion or webbing

Apert Syndrome Pictures

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