Actinic Keratosis Pictures

Actinic keratosis are lesions of the skin which show up as scaly, rough patches often on the ears, lips, back of hands, scalp, forearms, neck as well as face. They are caused frequently by exposure to UV or ultraviolent rays which is concentrated and normally comes from exposure to sun.

Actinic keratosis which are also referred to as solar keratosis usually slowly enlarge and often cause no symptoms or signs except for a small patch or spot on the skin. Actinic keratosis often will take years to fully enlarge. They normally appear first in adults who are older and most physicians believe that actinic keratosis are precancerous because they often develop into cancer of the skin.

The risks of actinic keratosis can be greatly reduced by limiting exposure to sun and by guarding the skin from rays of ultraviolent.

Symptoms and signs of Actinic Keratosis

  • Dry, scaly, and rough skin patches which normally are less than one inch or 2.5 cm in diameter
  • Slightly raised to flat bumps or patches on the top skin
  • Lesions can enlarge a wart-like, hard surface
  • Lesions range in color from red to brown to pink or even the color of flesh
  • Affected area burns and itches

Lesions may appear in bunches or can often be just a single lesion. These lesions often clear up on their own but normally return again after being exposed to more sunlight. If the lesion is picked off or scratched, it will return.

Pictures of Actinic Keratosis

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