Acromegaly Pictures

What is Acromegaly?

It is a very rare disorder of the hormones that occurs when the pituitary gland creates excess growth hormone, almost always because of a noncancerous tumor. This excessive hormone creates skin thickening, swelling, bone enlargement, as well as tissue growth especially in the feet, hands and face.

The disorder happens in adulthood normally in middle age. With children who are still developing, excesses of the growth hormone may cause the condition known as gigantism which can lead to atypical increase in height and bone growth which is excess.

Since acromegaly is rare and the physical changes develop slowly, it most often is not recognized immediately. While acromegaly which is untreated may lead to illnesses which are severe as well as premature death, treatments that are available can greatly reduce the risk of any complications as well as drastically improve symptoms.

Of all the symptoms, one of the more common is feet and hands which are enlarged. You can notice that rings become too small or that the width and size of shoes has increased. Back pain and joint pain are widespread.

Acromegaly can cause as well steady changes in the face shape, for instance protruding brow and lower jaw, thickened lips, enlarged nose as well as wider spaces between the teeth. Since acromegaly have a tendencies to develop slowly, symptoms can remain hidden often for up to decades. Individuals often observe changes only after comparing current looks to older photographs.

Acromegaly Symptoms

Normal symptoms and signs of acromegaly consist of:

  • Hand and feet enlargement
  • Broader and larger features of the face
  • Protuberance of the lower jaw in order that the lower teeth extend further than the upper teeth – commonly referred to as under bite.
  • Oily, thickened skin
  • Excess body odor and sweating
  • Muscle weakness and fatigue
  • A husky, deepened voice because of distended vocal cords and sinuses
  • Relentless snoring, frequent interruptions on breathing at nighttime – known as sleep apnea which is due to swelling tissues which bocks the upper airway
  • Vision which is impaired
  • Headaches
  • Tongue which is enlarged
  • Limited mobility and pain in joints
  • In females, irregularities in menstrual cycles
  • Decreased sex drive and in male, trouble maintaining or achieving an erection
  • Enlarged, heart, liver, spleen, kidneys as well as other organs
  • Barrel chest – which is an enlarged chest size

Pictures of Acromegaly

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