Acne Rosacea Pictures

What is Acne Rosacea?

It is a skin problem which is chronic and involves the inflammation of nose, forehead, chin, eyelids or cheeks. It can develop as swelling, major blood vessels which are spider-like, as well as eruptions of the skin similar to acne.

The reason for acne rosacea is not known but individuals are most likely to have this harmless disease of the skin if:

  • Individual blushes easily
  • Individual is fair-skinned
  • Individual is between the ages of 30 and 50
  • Individual is a female – however males with this problem are normally more seriously affected

Acne rosacea consists of the swelling of those blood vessels underneath the skin. Also it can be linked with other disorders of the skin such as seborrhea, as well as acne vulgaris or disorders of the eye such as keratitis as well as blepharitis.

Symptoms or Signs of acne rosacea

  • Redness of distinct areas of the face or over the entire face
  • Tendency to blush or flush easily
  • Number of blood vessels which are spider-like increase
  • A bulbous, red nose
  • Eruptions of the skin which are acne-like and can ooze or crust
  • Stinging or burning feeling on the face
  • Bloodshot, irritated and watery eyes

There is not a acknowledged cure for acne rosacea. The aim is to recognize and evade probably triggers to reduce any flare-ups. This can be done by maintaining a diary of symptoms to id the triggers which you can have. By doing this it is possible to be able to see a blueprint of those items which makes the rosacea worse. By using this information it is possible to avoid any flare-ups in the future.

Pictures of Acne Rosacea

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